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NOVA [‘nōvə]

(NOUN) a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness…

(Definition from Oxford Dictionaries)

The word nova originates from the Latin word novus meaning “new” and is a term used in astronomy to describe a star when it rapidly increases its brightness and becomes visible. Similarly, the purpose of Nova Media Publishing is to stand out and to provide light to the darkness. In an ever changing world, it can be difficult for one to find what is true. That’s why Nova Media Publishing provides quality content inspired by the truth, which is the Word of God.


Christian Fine Arts Entertainment

Nova Media Publishing is a Christian fine arts entertainment platform with the sole- purpose of helping young artists find who they are in Christ. From original music to engaging curriculums and stories, Nova Media Publishing provides Bible- based content that inspires believers to stand firm in their faith, both on stage and in life.

OUR Mission

NOVA MEDIA Publishing is:

  • An explosion of creativity and passion for spreading the Gospel
  • An artistic platform grounded on the Word
  • A beacon of light to the word of fine arts entertainment
  • An inspiration to young artists to boldly stand for the truth

OUR Vision

To transcend the walls of schools, churches, theatres, and cinema screens with quality entertainment grounded in the truth… for the truth will set you free!