Need help navigating through elementary school? Future President Olive Hudson’s got your back. In this new and exciting children’s book series, kids will not only learn important life lessons, but also expand their vocabulary with Olive’s “$5 Words”!

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Fourth grader and Future President of the USA Olive Hudson has an older sister who seems to be good at everything. Evidence of this is found just by looking at her trophy case. And in contrast to Olive’s trophy case, it is overflowing with trophies. Tired of being in her older sister’s shadow and only receiving participation certificates, Olive does everything she can to receive as many trophies as her older sister. This includes participating in her class’s Spelling Bee and bringing in the world’s best special show- and- tell. With an unexpected turn of events, things do not go according to plan. Instead of winning shiny trophies, Olive finds herself in many sticky situations. However, it is though them that she learns an important lesson in humility.

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